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Saturday, October 6, 2007
Collaba 6.0.8

- Added user option to control automatic message deletion upon POP3 retrieval;
- Added support for UIDL command in POP3 server;
- Added option in built-in POP3 client to keep track of downloaded POP3 messages and skip those downloaded previously;
- Changed stall time on failed SMTP authentications from 1 second to 10 seconds (to annoy dictionary attackers :)
- Changed image input processor to avoid unnecessary color space conversion (bug Sun #4705399);
- Moved "Attach from server" button within the message editor, to avoid issue with wrong default button activated with the Return key;
- Fixed a bug in the mail recipients validator which included disabled LDAP gateways in search operations;
- Fixed the mail rules listing to properly display all mail rule types;
- Modified the XHTML Optimizer to support lowercase tags as per XHTML specs;
- Enhanced HTML Optimizer to avoid stamping the default Content-Type if one already exists;
- Fixed a bug in the Forum module's RSS feed generator which prevented enclosures from being declared properly;
- Added "Paste from Word" and "Tables" plug-ins to the TinyMCE mail-related configuration;
- Added a "plural" action to facilitate adapting words in visual interfaces based on list lengths;
- Fixed the Bookmarks section's "Open in a new window" feature;
- Added a navigation system to the top of the bookmark and category editors;
- Modified bookmark lists so they appear sorted by title;
- Added an Edit button to blog articles;
- Fixed a bug in the server's blog selector which caused some references to be miscalculated;
- Added Title field to blog, so to allow users to alter the default blog title;
- Improved blog authoring permission check to authorize managers that are not members to edit group blogs;

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