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Tuesday, June 24, 2008
Collaba 7.1

- Support for Zoho, a powerful on-line office suite
- Significant performance and stability improvements
- Enhanced Single-Sign-On expansion API
- Improved built-in CAS authentication server
- Projects can now be organized into categories
- Time grid week view
- RSS feeds can now be displayed directly in the Bookmarks module
- Multimedia blog attachments now displayed in-line
- Improved support for YouTube, GoogleMaps and other special objects
- Support for Mozilla Sunbird, Mozilla Thunderbird+Lightning and others
- New LDAP tool for detecting deleted user profiles
- LDAP synchronization performance improvements on high-traffic sites
- Persistence API, a new platform-wide database interface
- Massive clean-up of the source code
- Updated admin manuals
- Modified/improved/fixed hundreds of other features/issues

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