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Thursday, June 19, 2008
Collaba 7.1 Beta 2

- Improved installer to avoid reporting false errors when upgrading individual files (#1126);
- Optimized many classes to avoid potential memory leaks;
- Revised the minimum server memory requirements for Collaba (600MB is the strict minimum for the -Xmx startup parameter);
- Added a memory-sensitive object closing system to improve chances of recovery under low-memory conditions;
- Added a significant performance improvement to message listings;
- Significantly improved user concurrency by adding various memory-sensitive caches, IO-controlling semaphores and other mechanisms;
- Improved reliability of Collaba's built-in portal testing system;
- Added server startup parameter for disabling the entire logging system (thus improving server performance significantly when receiving heavy traffic);
- Fine-tuned performance of the kernel's network server foundation to improve reliability under heavy traffic;
- Fixed critical issue with server-wide MIME conversion system (issue was introduced in 7.1 Alpha 2) (DM#1252);
- Added thread safety to VFS construction, making sure that no two instances of a same VFS can be prepared simultaneously by multiple threads;
- Fixed remote mail history access (DM#1250);
- Added a visual indicator in the VFS to pinpoint files that have been uploaded or modified in the last 48 hours (DM#882);

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