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Thursday, June 5, 2008
Collaba 7.1 Alpha 3

- Enhanced new document creation in VFS, allowing users to create new Microsoft Word, Excel and other types of documents, which can then be edited on-line with Zoho;
- Added experimental "time grid" week view for calendars;
- Added keyboard shortcuts for most VFS actions (N,D,R,.,C,V,E);
- Added "nocommunity" config keyword to exclude a group from the Communities module;
- Added calendar window auto-refresh triggered by the event editor;
- Altered header fields in message composer so that they automatically expand with the window;
- Added "rss" special config keyword in Bookmarks so that RSS feeds can be displayed inline;
- Fixed a bug in the SMTP line reader and writer;
- Improved accuracy of e-mail recipient search in super directory;
- Fixed a bug in the mail delivery system for forums (introduced in 7.1a1);
- Disabled automatic digital portfolio migration mechanism (no longer required);
- Disabled automatic bookmark migration mechanism (no longer required);
- Dramatically reduced direct IO dependency for the entire CollabaObjects layer;
- Added support for "-Dsypecom.database.persistence.impl=memory" startup parameter to allow administrators to select the new experimental "memory-only" database implementation. When running in memory mode, Collaba will not store data to disk; everything is stored in live memory and is erased at server restart;
- Added size constraints to embedded blog images (DM#1169);
- Disabled TinyMCE for the Description field in Web Assistant (DM#1122);
- Altered mail attachment download action to produce slightly more appropriate HTTP headers when necessary (DM#1140);
- Fixed text line auto-processing in some TinyMCE editors (DM#1170 & #1207);
- Increased displayed mail subject length from 25 to 35 characters (DM#1100);
- Fixed display bug in message editor visible in Firefox (DM#1102);
- Added a "Sort by last name" option in the Members list of user groups (DM#1157);
- Added quick access to last search in Directory (#923);
- Added support for YouTube, Google Maps and other embeddable objects in the message composer and the web page editor (#785);
- Hundreds of other fixes and improvements over the last few releases;

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