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Tuesday, May 27, 2008
Collaba 7.1 Alpha 2

- Added support for Mozilla Sunbird and Lightning plug-in in Mozilla Thunderbird;
- Added support for full two-way synchronization of calendars over WebDAV;
- Added experimental support for on-line Zoho viewing and/or editing of Word, Excel, Powerpoint and other documents; (set your API Key in data/server/zoho/zoho_apikey.txt);
- Designed the new Persistence API to improve database access neutrality;
- Developed an SMFL implementation for the Persistence API;
- Added support for BLOB and CLOB fields to the SMFL engine;
- Migrated all SMFL-dependent objects to the new Persistence API;
- Enhanced SMFL database core to support queries based on column index;
- SMFL field names are now case-insensitive;
- Added standard JDBC ResultSet implementation for SMFL databases;
- Fixed an issue with the script automator to skip misconfigured events;
- Fixed bug in iCalendar importer's UID matching subroutine;
- Updated to Eclipse 3.3.2;
- Fixed DN search routine in LDAP authentication code;
- Fixed numerous potential minor issues throughout the platform (picked up by new warnings introduced in Eclipse 3.3);
- Added a server-side screen capture tool to help administrators monitor their server and assist in remote-diagnosing issues;
- Improved WebDAV server to recognize existing Collaba sessions in addition to standard authentication methods;
- Removed a number of deprecated or unused classes throughout the platform;
- Added "calendar", "mailbox", "flags" and "contacts" options to PURGEUSERCONTENTS scripting command;
- Fixed URL encoder so that spaces are encoded with %20 instead of +; This fixes file download issues with some browsers;
- Fixed central security manager's initialization mechanism;
- Designed a volatile memory-based Persistence API as a test case for confirming SMFL independence (the whole Collaba platform can then live mostly in RAM), which also acts as a lightweight reference implementation for developers;
- Redesigned kernel's primary configuration manager to remove depency on Log4J and Commons Digester;
- Decoupled the standard VFSCL file from the "current user" function, allowing VFS instances to be created for off-line users;
- The Collaba project has been migrated to Eclipse 3.3.2 and the final distribution is now built on a Mac Pro Dual 3.2GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon (moving off the PowerPC arch.);

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