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Friday, April 4, 2008
Collaba 7.0.7

- Fixed navigation tool in blogs;
- Added Wiki in Publish section;
- Improved support for dynamic mapped paths in HTTP server;
- Fixed a security issue in the chat invitation mechanism (the issue was introduced in 7.0.6);
- Added ability to use wikis for managing public web site contents;
- Added magic words {{language:en}} and {{language:fr}} to provide a way of writing bilingual wiki articles;
- Group wikis can now be linked to a custom presentation template;
- Improved the core object cohesion system to support exception signals that should traverse the cohesion process intact;
- Added support for #collaba tags in wikitext (ex: {{collaba.web.time}});
- Updated Bliki library to 3.0.3;
- Restored clipboard tool in Bookmarks section;
- Added support for in-line listening of audio files in blogs;
- Added "smarttruncate" and "smartcut" Collaba xhtml tag operators to avoid braking HTML tags and words;
- Updated Home page by removing scroll boxes around news articles, smart-truncating articles to 250 characters and adding "Read more"-style links;
- Fixed version number of RSS feeds and podcasts (was 2.00, should have been 2.0);
- Improved RSS 2.0 standard compliance (now passes validation);
- Fixed special parameter carrying mechanism in HTTP server to cover component redirecting as well;
- Fixed geographical location editor which did not detect valid coordinates;
- Added a number of missing tools to the web page editor in the Files section;
- Moved portal properties system to HTTP request layer, to make portal properties available to any HTTP request instead of just component-oriented ones;
- Added ability to edit wiki pages with a WYSIWYG editor;
- Added EMBED and OBJECT html tags to allowed list of tags in WYSIWYG editor;
- Added ability to rename categories in Bookmarks section;
- Added option to sort by last name in Directory and Users(admin) sections;
- Fixed directory sorting to support accentuated characters;
- Added 10 more years to the calendar time selector;
- Added previous and next navigation arrows to month and week calendar views;

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