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Thursday, March 13, 2008
Collaba 7.0.6

- Enhanced wiki security (see documentation);
- Fixed encoding issue in Contacts module;
- LDAP group resynchronization delay can now be customized in Synchronization panel;
- Improved VFS anti-virus scanner to avoid scanning empty files;
- Added calendar authorization to allow exclusion of conflict search;
- Added custom mapped paths to the HTTP server;
- Fixed the default wiki namespace so that images are linked to the correct host;
- Fixed CAS server so that service tickets are void after a single use, as per the protocol specs;
- Added non-standard J period to ISO-8601 time movement systems, allowing French-speaking users to enter a number of days with the "J"our suffix instead of the "D"ay standard;
- Added "timeconflictlocal" and "timeconflictspecific" group keywords to instruct the calendar conflict finder to narrow the search scope;
- Fixed a critical issue in the HTTP server which prevented some server components from properly accessing HTTP parameters included in a POST request encoded in multipart/form-data;
- Improved uniform decoding of HTTP request parameters;
- Fixed Copy Members function;
- Updated forum groups module;
- Restored chat invitation mechanism;
- Fixed chat room manager selector;
- Improved cache of keys;
- Removed pre-compiled HTML versions of basic wiki articles in the standard distribution of Collaba, to avoid broken images;

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