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Thursday, March 6, 2008
Collaba 7.0.5

- Improved Forum configuration panel (manager's view), restoring the ability for managers to create sub-forums and configure other options;
- Fixed issue with the Everyone group, which did not successfully map to all users;
- Improved internal group members listing to avoid a specific rare issue with non-user members;
- Fixed encoding consistency issue with text editing in VFS and in HTTP parameter decoding (now using ISO-8859-1 consistently);
- Fixed bug with user group delete button;
- Added additional configuration help to the ClamAV configuration file;
- Improved performance of XPVI security policies evaluation system;
- Improved Communities lists for users that have access to more than 100 communities: the full list is now accessible via a navigation tool;
- Improved support for web file transfer of text-based files by circumventing JavaMail's automatic objectification of text parts. Multipart web form file parts are now retained as byte streams, regardless of their String compatibility properties;
- Disabled auto-play on Quicktime movies presented inline in blogs;
- The "info_ent" XiTi field can now be customized in user groups just like the "info_etablissement" field was;
- Fixed a bug with the WebDAV server's folder creation function;
- Normalized URL encoding/decoding throughout the platform, thus improving support for accentuated characters in a number of server components;
- Improved support for accentuated characters in WebDAV server;

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