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Friday, February 22, 2008
Collaba 7.0.3

- Added a new tool for locating LDAP-mapped user accounts that no longer exist in the LDAP directory, and inserting them into a new user group;
- Multimedia attachments of blog articles now display directly in blog page (movies are embedded, images are displayed in-line, etc.);
- Added easy file browser integration for web pages (see /Collaba/etc/collaba-webdocuments/);
- VFS projects (AssignmentFlow) can now be sorted into categories;
- Fixed an issue with the XPVI layer not finding standard components properly when a custom module with only selected components was present;
- Fixed the forum permission editor which did not display the Delete button when using the French interface;
- Disabled console printing of group LDAP DNs during synchronization;
- Added built-in leaf-level data encryption to TreeCore;
- Added web user interface for browsing/editing TreeCore databases;
- Improved performance of DN-based directory search operations;
- Added support for schemas to TreeCore;
- Added ability to configure an RSS feed's maximum number of articles;
- Number of RSS articles displayed on home page can now be customized;
- Fixed home page RSS portlet to support "feed://" and "rss://" URL protocols;
- Modified VFS SMB native driver to ignore a specific connection issue;
- Fixed automatic blog permission configuration;
- Added editors for default, override and custom portal properties for users and groups;
- Fixed the Web Assistant module which did not save page descriptions properly;
- Fixed localized GID format;
- Updated security checks for editing user, group and forum profiles;

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