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Sunday, February 3, 2008
Collaba 7.0 Beta 2

- Numerous performance improvements for Collaba sites with more than 100,000 users;
- Disabled sorting of groups lists for many internal functions, improving performance significantly when a user is member of hundreds of groups;
- Added a transaction-level cache system for dynamic privileges, improving performance for very large sites;
- Added a session-level memory-sensitive cache system to improve performance of complex operations that are frequently needed (like getting the list of keys the user can reach);
- Added limits to a number of lists to improve performance: VFS Groups folder (100 groups), VFS Group Members folder (60 members), Communities list (100 communities);
- Modernized the DataDrive File Manager's synchronization system to use reentrant locks instead of Java's native synchronization scheme;
- Improved handling of Keychain files to avoid leaving files open;
- Added a cache system to the XHTML optimizer and link realigner, allowing the server to cache optimized files and reduce server startup time by a factor of 30;
- Optimized user privileges calculation system to avoid Java reflection completely, thereby improving performance;
- Added a user privilege inspection tool;
- Added function to unsubscribe all users from a specific group;
- Added function to permanently delete all user accounts that are member of a specific group;
- Improved internal text search routine to allow callers to specify if a search can be case-sensitive, thereby improving performance and memory usage significantly throughout the platform;
- Fixed a minor memory leak in the FTP server;
- Improved the user session management system to better track session state;
- Improved visual interface selection and dynamic swapping;
- Improved group membership expiration configuration so that when expiration is reached, the user whose membership just expired can be subscribed to an alternate group (like an "Expired" groups);
- Added a PURGEUSERCONTENT scripting command to make it easier to automate deep server cleanup;
- Fixed a security checkpoint in the recipient approval system which checked for a privilege that is not accessible from the privileges management interface;

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