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Thursday, December 6, 2007
Collaba 6.1.1

- Enhanced bookmark display so that web sites can be displayed within Collaba's portal interface;
- Added an LDAP synchronization diagnostic tool;
- Added support for POP3 SSL and SMTP SSL;
- Added an RSS portlet, allowing users to display multiple RSS feeds on the home page;
- Added a live communication system, to receive chat invitations, mail notifications and other events live;
- Added ability to force specific users or groups of users to use HTTPS, and reject any attempt to login over regular HTTP;
- Improved shielding of the VFS against errors occuring in native drivers;
- Modified the VFSCL source so that the group members folder is not rendered if it is deactivated (instead of being rendered with a CAN SEE permission to off);
- Fixed the contextual help button so that it is controlled by the Help privilege has well;
- Fixed language selector for non-HTTP connections;
- Fixed incorrect permissions in FTP, WebDAV and SMB native drivers which prevented users from uploading files to the root of VFS objects using these drivers;
- Fixed a security checkpoint which prevented users authorized ONLY to use the Server Broadcast feature (and not other admin privileges) to actually transmit the broadcast;
- Improved permanent object management in VFS so that objects with empty names, or objects that already exist are not added;
- Added a special mechanism to the VFS for reporting native connection errors (an explanatory Error.txt file is inserted dynamically in a folder listing if its native contents cannot be retrieved for some reason, informing the user that an error occured, and does so in a way that works through all connection methods);
- Improved overall reliability of VFS branches native FTP, WebDAV and SMB drivers;
- Limited members lists in VFS to 60 users (to avoid huge VFS instances);
- Fixed a number of issues with the FTP server;
- Designed a new XPVI component decoration system, primarily intended to introduce XiTi measurement of specific components without actually modifying Collaba's XHTML code;
- Extended ownership concept by including "hierarchical" managers (users that are managers of managers, up to 10 levels);
- Fixed blog article re-editing to so that the category can be edited as well;
- Fixed a bug in the login form which was breaking the SSL-for-authentication-only pre-configuration (it did work for user selection, but not for pre-configuration);

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