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Thursday, November 15, 2007
Collaba 6.1

- 2nd-generation Virtual File System (VFS G2);
- New VFS Scripting Language for powerful automation;
- New VFS construction language for flexible virtual file systems;
- New VFS native drivers for local file system, FTP, SMB and WebDAV;
- New VFS plug-ins for advanced workflows and document pre/post-processing;
- Ported all VFS-dependant modules to the new VFS G2;
- Improved mobility of storage spaces on local servers;
- Added "paste as zip archive" function to the VFS;
- Improved assignment workflow (classroom projects) in VFS;
- Enhanced the Collaba Service Expansion (CSE) API;
- Improved vCard import/export;
- Improved e-mail addressing, with better checking for faulty addresses;
- Enhanced built-in POP3 client with new options;
- Added support for message tracking in built-in POP3 server;
- Added "Possible abuse" log which tracks failed uses of the RCPT TO POP3 command;
- Support for multiple DNS servers;
- Completely revised the on-line Help system, and added contextual help everywhere;
- Users can now edit their blog's title (instead of being their name);
- Improved portal session timeout detection;
- Modified/improved/fixed hundreds of other features/issues;

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