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Saturday, November 10, 2007
Collaba 6.1 Beta 2

- Designed and implemented a VFS Scripting Language (VFSSL);
- Added customizable scripted actions to VFS objects;
- Designed a developer API for creating Java-based extensions to VFSSL;
- Renamed VFS Structure Language to VFS Construction Language (VFSCL);
- Enhanced filing settings to better control a number of VFS folders;
- Modified workflow for VFS Projects, so that the collection process is linked to a new Hand-in folder;
- Designed an Authentication Supervisor to detect repetitive login attempts from a given IP address within a certain time window;
- Connected the Authentication Supervisor into SMTP, POP3 and FTP servers to deny connections from abusive IP addresses;
- Improved help system;
- Improved support for accentuated characters in the built-in WebDAV server;
- Reversed "Pick-up box" and "Drop-box" for group managers;
- Fixed a number of incorrect permissions in the VFS' Projects sections;
- Fixed a bug with accentuated characters in e-mail recipients;
- Fixed a bug with HTML messages not converted to MIME properly;
- Improved the News section so that entire articles are now displayed un-cut in scrollable areas; (to avoid problems with truncated HTML messages that become broken HTML);

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