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Sunday, November 4, 2007
Collaba 6.1 Beta 1

- Deployed 2nd-generation Virtual File System (VFS G2);
- Ported built-in web-based Files browser to VFS G2;
- Ported built-in WebDAV server to VFS G2;
- Ported built-in FTP server to VFS G2;
- Ported Bookmarks and Communities modules to VFS G2;
- Ported Portfolio and Blog image selections to VFS G2;
- Ported mail attachment server-side selector to VFS G2;
- Ported the portal-wide search feature to VFS G2;
- Designed VFS G2 native drivers for the local file system, FTP, SMB, and WebDAV protocols;
- Designed VFS plug-ins "distribute" and "collect" for re-implementing AssignmentFlow;
- Designed VFS plug-ins "icalendar" and "vcard" for the Special folder;
- Designed VFS plug-ins "script" to re-implement the Scripting system;
- Designed VFS Structure Language to build VFS instances using XML-like syntax;
- Improved movability of storage locations for most VFS-linked branches;
- Added dynamic Members folder to Projects folders, providing direct teacher access to individual student projects;
- Added "can see" permission property to folders, allowing the VFS to hide specific files and folders from normal viewing while making them physically available for internal features (the Urls folder is now hidden, although it still exists);
- Added ability to assign complex projects to students by uploading Zip files to the Assign folder;
- Changed behavior of normal e-mail reply function so that only the reply is addressed to the original sender only (CC addresses no longer included);
- Added support for multiple domain name servers (if one produces connection errors, the next one is queried, and so on);
- Added NFD normalization to the VFS' LFS native driver to work around an issue with on MacOS X; this change improves support for accentuated names for files stored on MacOS X servers;
- Added ability to copy VFS files and directories and paste them as zipped archives;
- Fixed and improved the vCard import function;
- Fixed multilingual path support in VFS;
- Fixed default date selection in Calendar module;
- Added user account creation and modification date, last known IP address and creator name to Users Directory report;
- Added vCard import and export functions to mailing lists;
- Fixed a bug in a message sending sub-routine which caused problematic addresses not to be reported properly, making it especially difficult for users to determine which e-mail address in a local mailing list is invalid;
- Added a blog permission auto-fix system, so that re-created user accounts are properly updated in their linked blog;
- Added a nickname resolver to the E-mail Reply function, allowing Collaba to properly address replies of messages originally sent to nicknames only;
- Fixed JavaScript errors affecting the forum and group icon pickers on some browsers;
- Improved contextual help system;
- Fixed a permission application issue with message deletion in forums;

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