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Thursday, October 11, 2007
Collaba 6.0.9

- Enhanced Collaba Server Expansion (CSE) API to support access to dynamic data from within CSE Level-3 Java classes. New supported data types are: user ldap fields, user session properties, user privileges, and HTTP requests;
- Fixed a bug in the UIDL POP3 command implementation which did not produce a proper list format when only one message was available;
- Fixed an issue with Collaba's SMFL database engine which caused race conditions for file descriptors in specific uses;
- Added support for the "user_enteredid" variable in the Collaba Service Expansion API;
- Fixed Calendar module navigation so that calendar selection is passed properly;
- Fixed attachment download bug in calendar events;
- Fixed a bug in the XHTML optimizer which mistakenly unfolded the first line of some JavaScripts, if it happened to be on the same line as a wrappable tag. This fix actually fixes a number of other reported issues which were caused by this bug;
- Updated third-party libraries: commons-logging-1.1.jar, commons-discovery-0.4.jar, axis-ant.jar, axis.jar, log4j-1.2.8.jar, saaj.jar.
- In admin documentation, fixed REMOVEALLMEMBERS command: renamed it UNSUBSCRIBEALLMEMBERS;
- Updated admin documentation on CSE Level 3 data access;
- Added support for special "!" prefix option to the ADDR+ user and group profile fields, allowing the field's content to completely override the e-mail address(es) retrieved from LDAP;
- Modified user group profile's Members panel to prevent manual addition of members in LDAP-managed groups;

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